The Argent Lords
A Court of Cavalier Rogues

In the past thirty years or so the Western world has developed the hobby of Medieval recreation. All sorts of people around the world have discovered the joy of becoming a personage of a romantic past, if only for a limited time. Lords and ladies, knights and barbarians, peasants and brigands get dressed in Medieval garb, fight, feast, and learn the old arts and crafts.
The Argent Court is a Medieval metal weapon re-enactment club based in Auckland, New Zealand. We have ties to the National Association of Ancient and Medieval Arts (NAAMA), the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), live roleplaying and pacifist warfare groups.
The Argent Lords are the display troupe of the Argent Court specialising in performances of weapon combat and performance arts from the Western historical past. Our displays, fighting styles and garb are based in the mid-13th to 14th Century European culture and romantic chivalrous ideal. We offer our services to the public as a professional troupe, at very reasonable prices.

We were formed, as a group, in August 2002 from some of the top Medieval performers in New Zealand. Since then the Court has become a flourishing, active group of friends, and the Lords have performed all over the upper North Island, gaining an excellent reputation for professonalism, expertise and audience satisfaction. Our overall goal is for the Argent Court to foster strong social ties (comradeship, brotherhood, trust) that will carry all the members through the rough spots in their lives. We provide opportunities and challenges; imagination, enthusiasm and diversity are encouraged; and we all have fun. We work today for a future for us all.

Our Lords and Ladies are mostly in their twenties, though we will include people of any age in the Court or appropriate performances, and will train anyone from the age of ten in combat and display skills.
The Court meets at least once a week to socialise, prepare for events, and teach period crafts and skills. Individual members can offer skills from horse riding to armouring, costuming to medieval cooking, feast and event organisation and teaching skills. The Lords train weekly to keep up an excellent standard of display fighting and other period performance arts such as singing, dancing, and musicianship, and members commonly get personal training in other arts such as bellydancing, fire breathing, and juggling. Most of our performers also train weekly in actual Medieval combat arts, to qualify for inclusion in combat with the greater re-enactment community. All our weapons are real, the blades made of blunted steel, and we are extensively trained in control techniques to maximise safety.

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