The Argent Lords
A Court of Cavalier Rogues

Silly games and side shows

The Argent Lords have several different "extras" to offer clients.
The Stocks: Very popular at galas (where the "victims" volunteer to have wet sponges thrown at them) and bawdy feasts. The perfect accessory for the office troublemaker.

Games: Quoits, Dungeon, Jousting games, and Cat and Mouse are all popular.
Busking: medieval or belly dancing, medieval singing, juggling, tumbling, musicianship, jestering, fire eating etc. We get all types of talented people in the Argent Lords.

Slave / Fighter auctions: adult audiences enjoy a clever auctioneer selling people, either as a slave for the night, or as a champion to fight for them, with a prize for every buyer. The slavemaster a.k.a the noble merchant is glib, witty and entertaining to get as much money for the cause as possible

Boffer fights: foam rubber weapons for everyone. A great way to challenge someone to a duel without the pain. Fights are carefully watched to limit excessive force.

The Men in Tights Competition: A very popular adult game, especially when the Lords of the audience have gotten dressed up for the event. A great way to get people loosened up with lots of laughs. We usually follow this one with...

The Cleavage Competition: Once again, very popular with adult audiences, especially when the Ladies of the audience are dressed up. A not too serious game that has to be seen to be believed.

Kiddies Paper Sword Fights: Are a popular and frequently asked for entertainment, and everyone is encouraged to get involved. Paper swords are made with rolled newspaper, with a small turn over to use as a handle. Battles are always well supervised, and are a great way of getting kids to loosen up for other events.

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