The Argent Lords
A Court of Cavalier Rogues

Public Performances

The Argent Lords are frequently called upon to do a half hour or so display of weapon combat as a drawcard or as part of the entertainments at such events. We aim for up to fifteen performers, in full garb, at least 3/4 of which are combatants and the others associated Ladies, thieves and executioners. We usually do a full-on, family entertainment following a story supplied by the organisers or ourselves. In conjunction with the display we offer kiddies' paper sword fights, which have proven to be very popular, stocks with sponges to throw at the detainees, and involvement of specific or random members of the audience.

We are often asked to stay on after the display to mingle with the audience or to assist with other activities for which the organisers want a high profile (raffles, lolly scrambles etc). The Argent Lords work a lot with and around children, and are always expected to set a good example, and be absolutely careful with their weapons.

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