The Argent Lords
A Court of Cavalier Rogues

Music and Singing

One of the things that sets a fantastic Medieval feeling, that is easily overlooked, is the musical ambiance of the scene. The Argent Lords have a extensive repertoire of songs: from high Medieval partsongs to bawdy pub songs, and fun traditional and tongue-in-cheek sing-a-long songs, and we can provide quality a cappella singing entertainment suitable for any audience.
Several of us play Medieval music on a variety of instruments, and a small ensemble of minstrels can help to create a wonderful atmosphere for period events.
We also have contacts with specialist professional musicians, including some practiced in our dance music, who we would be happy to refer for an event.
We can be as upfront or background as you like. We also have a good selection of recorded Medieval and atmospheric music which is great for establishing the right mood. for the venue.

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