The Argent Lords
A Court of Cavalier Rogues

Medieval Dancing

A Medieval event will make a lasting impression with the guests if they have the chance to get up and dance. The Argent Lords practice many dances, from enthusiastic peasant dances to elegant courtly dances, and we can teach them all for the entertainment of all assembled. Kids love the fast spinny Maltese Bransle, older audiences particularly enjoy the Official Bransle (where you get to get your hands on everyone in the dance), and we've taught many bridal couples the romantic Earl of Salisbury Pavane.

Several of us play Medieval music on a variety of instruments, and a small ensemble of minstrels can help to create a wonderful atmosphere for period events.

Dancing is a great way to shake down the courses of a feast (perhaps for one more...), meet people and get into the mood, which is why they did it in Medieval times as well. We highly recommend having Medieval dancing at any such event, even if it is followed by modern music and dancing, to make the event unique and fun.

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