The Argent Lords
A Court of Cavalier Rogues

Pacifist Warfare

There is an unique form of street theatre practiced in NZ called Pacifist Warfare. Various groups from around the country come together periodically to fight gloriously with paper swords and flour bombs, die heroically in defense of whatever silly cause they claim to support, bounce back to life at the deft hands of the nurses, and then go off to feast, drink, sing and tell tall tales about the antics of the day.

The Argent Court enjoy a state of continuing hostilities against the Alf Imperial Army, New ZealandŐs foremost Pacifist Warfare group. Every year we head to Hamilton for the annual Queens Birthday Campaign against the Alf 5th Waikato Dragoons, a foe that we have often lured from the southern most suburb of Auckland to our home turf for a pitched battle.

Of course no long standing conflict would be complete without a desperate arms race to find the ultimate weapon. Our arsenal thus far includes a flour cannon, several muskets and a mouse trap with many more silly and innovative contraptions in the works.

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