The Argent Lords
A Court of Cavalier Rogues

Medieval Armed Combat Training

The Fighter's Academy is the Argent Lords' school for combat and battlefield events with training in a comprehensive selection of weapons and situations. Our chief instructor is Eamon Zink, who has many years experience in duelling, competition and battlefield events. Eamon is well repected in NAAMA as an excellent fighter, and has won many tournaments including national and regional events. He specialises in advanced weapon training and battlefield combat. Anna Cruse is the assistant instructor. Anna has many years of experience with martial arts, and is well recognised for her focus on safety, comprehensive basic training, and skill in teaching both men and women.

New people are always welcome to join, but your first three lessons will be spent on safety and technique before we allow you to fight others, especially if you come from a different martial art or weapon club, as bad habits are hard to break.

We train anyone with enough maturity to learn, but those under 16 years of age may be excluded from participating in some battle events, due to NAAMA regulations. Helmets are not necessary at training, but gloves are, and the sooner you have a pair the better. You will also be expected to provide your own weapon, after a while.

Trainings start with a warmup and stretch, followed by linework and training games and demonstrations. Once people are getting fluid and capable with the exercises, training shifts into sparring and battlefield combat until 6 pm. Members are encouraged to find what styles and weapons suit them, but personalised training is not offered on Thursdays, except to those with significant difficulties with the basic training, for example bad backs.

Once you have reached a suitable level of skill and garb you will be invited to represent the Court at re-enactment events. Martial arts training does not give you the skills you need for performance, so it will be unlikely that you will be invited on displays if you only attend Thursday training.

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