The Argent Lords
A Court of Cavalier Rogues

Armed Combat at Medieval Events

Occasionally the Lords will be invited, as a club, to events held by other clubs. At such events we encourage a slightly different group image than that on display. These events are populated by strong-minded people, usually with a lot to prove. Our honour is gained, not by being the last alive on the battlefield, but by killing with grace, dying with dignity and humour, keeping a cool head and a friendly demeanor, and not hurting people. Die before being dangerous. At weekend events you are encouraged to associate and fight with as many clubs as you like, but one day of the event we will ask you to enter the field in your blues and fight as a Lord knight. This requires giving people fair warning before you hit them from behind and not attacking anyone else in the blues. It amuses and bugs (in equal amounts) the other clubs. We have an excellent reputation for attitude, safety and sportsmanship, and, though some of them don't take us too seriously, most of the other clubs like and associate with the Lords.

Safety Issues at interclub Events

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