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Metal Weapon Re-Enactment Events

The Argent Lords are affiliated with NAAMA - the National Association of Ancient and Medieval Arts. Most interclub events involving metal weapon combat accept the NAAMA standardised rules of combat for ease of association.

Battle Days

Every once in a while the local clubs will get together to do a bit of combat with each other. The opportunity to meet and fight new people, and enjoy larger group tactics and scenario battles in interesting and new terrain is exciting and challenging, and gives fighters a great chance to learn new techniques, compare the strengths and weaknesses of their personal and club styles, swap fighting stories and NAAMA news, and gain advice about weapons, armour, and other points of interest in the community.


The annual NAAMA camp is held on Labour Weekend, and hosted by a different club or alliance of individuals each year. It is notable for hosting the biggest battles, feasts and re-enactment market of the metal weapon fighting community in NZ. Recent events have also offered a variety of games and tutorials for combatants and non-combatants alike, including LRP's, murder mysteries, dancing, kid's activities, brewing competitions, wrestling and horse jousting events. It's the best way to meet members of the community from all over NZ to exchange ideas, news and stories, and it is the only place where matters of NAAMA policy are decided, such as clarifications of the NAAMA combat rules, and the voting on who gets to host the following NAAMA camp.

Easter Camp

The annual Red Raven's Easter Camp is the most notable club-run NAAMA event each year. The Red Ravens are a strong successful club from the Manawatu region, and they have much experience in hosting a fun, hospitable event that caters to many interests in our community, without making a big hole in the wallet.
The opportunity to participate in, or at least observe, the bar room brawl should not be missed.


Clontarf is an annual tournament where steel weapon clubs are invited to put forward a team. We have attended this event since 2006, achieved first place in 2011 and look forward to continuing to participate. The event is held at a lodge in the Ruahine Ranges in late August, providing an awesome backdrop to the event an chilling temperatures overnight. Because of this the numbers are strictly limited to those that can be accomodated inside the lodge.
As a competative, interclub event with its own variation of the combat rules Clontarf is a little rougher that some other events. The special rules for this event change each year, but inevitably they encourage fighters to wear armour on the field.

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