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Display Training

The Argent Lords Medieval Display Troupe specialises in Medieval performance. Our Chief Instructor and coordinator is Ben Burrowes, who has been stage performing, one way or another, for 15 years: the past ten or so years in Medieval martial arts, and other Medieval performance arts. For the past five or so years he has been teaching these stage arts and organising Medieval performances.

We always want motivated performers to train with the highly talented and dedicated core group. We can and will train anyone from the age of ten in any of the following skills: stage fighting, armed and unarmed; performance skills, such as projection, character and body acting, for scriptless performances; Medieval performance arts, especially singing and dancing; participating with the audience with confidence; Medieval cookery and feast construction; and Medieval crafts useful for constructing fine Medieval garb, such as chainmail armouring, sewing, leatherwork and stitchcraft.

We regularly get contracted to arrange performances for schools, weddings, corporate Medieval events, private parties, and local councils. We occasionally get contracts for extra work on T.V and films, stage extras, special stagefighting training sessions, and other interesting roles. Payment we receive is apportioned to all performers, and those who helped significantly towards the performance, as partial recompense for their effort, time, and expenses.

We look for many qualities in the people who will represent the troupe: level of training; reliability and professionalism; an ability to work as part of the team, and take orders, on and off stage; the quality of a person's garb; personability; and any special performance skills. Ben takes his obligations to clients and performers very seriously, and provides the best possible training, and all the opportunities performers need to excel, so performers are willing and able to carry out their responsibilities and the quality service we offer clients.

Basic training is given free of charge. Involvement in the Argent Lords Medieval Display Troupe does not imply any exclusive contract: performers are allowed to train and perform for other groups and/or have agents if they want, but they can only claim to represent the Argent Lords Medieval Display Troupe with our permission, and they must meet our expectations of professionalism whenever they do so. If you are interested in being a part of the Argent Lords Medieval Display Troupe, please contact us, and we'll get you started.

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