The Argent Lords
A Court of Cavalier Rogues

Specialising in the performance of romantic Medieval martial arts, singing, dancing and presentations. Authentic armour, weapons and garb. Highly experienced in feast organisation and preparation, educational displays, childrens and adult entertainment. Available for school and community events, balls and feasts, weddings, stage and film productions, and public performances.
The Argent Court is a medieval metal weapon re-eactment club based in Auckland. We have ties to the Society of Creative Anacronisims (SCA),live action role playing and pacifist warfare groups.

The Argent Lords are a semi-professional public display troupe of the Argent Court specialising in performance of weapon combat and performance arts from the Western historical past.

Our displays, fighting style and garb are typically based in the mid 13th to 14th century European culture and chivrous ideal.

We provide opportunitiees and challenges, imagination, enthusiasm and diversity are encouraged and aim to have fun while doing it.
We have no joning fee, as all are expected to outfit themselves, mostly at their own expense.

We train twice weekly and socialise at other times.
Thursday: Martial Arts training from 5:30 pm on the University of Auckland campus between the Thomas Building and Old Government House ,br> Sunday: Display trianing in combat, dancing and other non-combat performance arts from 1 pm at the Auckland Girls Grammar School Upper Gymnasium.

If any of this interests you, we hope you will join us in the Argent Court.
We Accept anyone who wants to give it a go: there are places for anyone and everyone.

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